Our Story

We started Fohr Card early in 2013 because it was clear that digital influencers were going to be an integral part of the advertising landscape, and we wanted to make sure that happened more effectively and quickly. Since then, a new trend has emerged that has proved impossible to ignore: the rise of the animal influencer.

With the animal influencer space becoming more and more important, we did the only thing we know how to do at Fohr Card, which is organize it. It is with that intention that we present Fur Card to you, the first non-human influencer network.

Browse and message the world’s top dogs (and cats) and remember: we don’t judge a animal by it’s size, but instead by the size of it’s social paw-print.

How It Works

If you own an influential animal, or one that is aspiring to be, just go through the short sign up process and connect your furry friend's social accounts to Fur Card. After a short “are you an animal or are you a human” screening process, your pet will be the proud owner of their very own Fur Card profile!


For additional information, please contact Support at Fohr Card.


By signing up, is my pet being represented by Fur Card?

No! We are a tool that helps brands discover your little influencer, we don’t represent the animals on the platform. If brands want to work with your animal, they will reach out directly.

I am a human, I want a Fur Card!

Sadly, that can't happen. But don’t despair: Fur Card is created by the team behind the industry leading influencer network Fohr Card, which is the best spot for well-followed humans.

How is the rank determined?

Your overall rank is determined by how many total unique followers you have, compared to the rest of the animals on Fur Card, and ranked out of the total number of blogs on Fur Card.

Your total unique followers are computed by adding up your followers, likes and subscribers across Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. The more accounts you connect, the more likely your total unique followers will be higher, the more likely your overall rank will be higher, and the larger your social paw-print will be reported as.

I don’t think that animals should have their own influencer network.

Please leave.